Improve Employee Engagement and Build a Thriving Culture.

Helping organizations build a thriving culture

Struggling With Employee Engagement?

We offer leadership coaching & consulting to help you build a thriving workplace culture, and to bring out the best in leaders and their teams to achieve greater success.

Attract and retain top talent.

Create a place employees

Energize your workforce.

Creating custom action plans to improve employee engagement

When organizations focus on building healthy cultures,
they experience:​

• An energized workforce and happy employees
• Higher employee engagement and retention
• Effective teams and better business outcomes
• Lower employee costs with significant ROI and ROV

Avoid repeating the same mistakes and achieving sub-par results.
Collaborate with a trusted partner who can unlock your business’s potential.

Empower Your Workforce: Leadership Coaching, Training & Consulting

We will help you identify opportunities for improvement in a friendly, non-judgmental way. Our process is easy and effective.​

Build a culture where both your business and people thrive.

Improving workplace culture with positive leadership
Our four-step customizable process:
Strengthening corporate culture with trust

Trust Us.

Strengthen corporate culture and improve well-being for healthy, thriving employees. Attract and retain top talent.

What to expect when working with us:

  1. A trusted resource with years of experience.
  2. An effective partner and behavior change agent.
  3. Action-oriented and outcome driven programs.
  4. Results that exceed industry standards.

Gain Insight With Us.

Today’s employees are demanding change, and many organizations are experiencing frustration in staying stuck with unhelpful strategies.

We are well-experienced professionals with younger minds.

Passion & Commitment
Honesty & Openness
Practical Approach

Avoid expensive, ineffective programs with a one-size-fits all platform. Achieve the results you deserve.

We will help you develop a culture that delivers superior employee engagement and sustainable business results that:
• Decreases turnover and quiet quitting.
• Increases commitment from new hires.
• Inspires employee loyalty and engagement.
• Improves employee health and well-being.

Creating customized plans that fit your company or organization

Who we’ve helped:

Team building session

Build a thriving culture.

Inspire and activate your team with Leadership Development and Well-Being Education Today.

Trusted by Leaders and Employees.

“Tisha is a fantastic partner with our Bates B Well program and has made significant contributions to our employees’ well-being. She has been providing invaluable resources to our people, particularly in the realm of managing burnout and stress while fostering resilience. Tisha’s approach is holistic, focusing not only on individual health but also on enhancing communication both within oneself and with others. Her programs are designed to cultivate leadership skills both in personal and professional spheres, aligning very well with the goals of the B Well program and the college as a whole.”

– Mike Milliken, Bates College, Employee Wellness Program Manager

“Tisha was instrumental in helping to improve and strengthen our leadership team’s communication and effectiveness.  Her thoughtful and insightful approach resonated with the group and made our sessions a joy to learn and participate in. We look forward to working with her again!”

John Rice, Schooner Estates, Director of Operations

“After working with Tisha on my development goals, I feel more confident and energized coming out of the challenging two years we have faced. My sales have gone up and I am 40% over where I was last year in sales! It has been empowering and I think EVERYONE needs a Tisha in their life. The world is a crazy place, and our industry is nothing like we ever experienced. She has given me tools to handle it head on with a positive perspective.

Thank you for having her in our GEIGER family. I didn’t realize I needed her until I spoke with her.”

Courtney Hoffmann, Geiger, Executive Sales Partner

“I participated in the first round of the Mindful Leadership program and thought it was incredibly valuable, which is why I reached out to have Tisha offer the training and individual coaching to my team.”

Sales Director, Atlanta, GA

“Our leadership team greatly appreciated and benefited from the Essentials of Effective Teams workshops. We all learned how to lead ourselves better, rebuild trust, and operate in a much more effective way. We highly recommend this series to any team in need of doing this better.”

– Senior Leadership Team, Central Maine

“Our team took a stress management workshop. It was important for them to understand the significance of establishing boundaries for better balance and productivity. I would not have recognized some of the burnout symptoms without having participated in these sessions. We are managing our priorities and expectations more effectively and are working so much better together.”

– Divisional Service Manager, Washington DC

“Tisha’s talk was magnificent! All 50 employees were engaged and interested. She tailored her presentation to make it relevant to our work environment with great facts and a sense of humor. Her style is welcoming and friendly as well as intelligent and impactful. We highly recommend Tisha to any employer interested in sparking healthy behaviors in their organization!”

– Debbie Poliquin, AVP, Sr. Accountant, Androscoggin Bank

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