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Leadership development course

Develop Motivating Management.

Today’s workforce challenges in engaging top talent can be frustrating.

People-centered leadership capacities matter in attracting, motivating, and retaining employees. Build better management coaching skills and achieve the success you deserve.

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Build Collaborative Teams.

Dysfunctional team dynamics have a negative impact on people and results.

Collaborative teams are crucial to effective decision-making and building thriving businesses. Develop your team’s capacity to work well together and get the job done.

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collaborative team courses
enhance workplace wellbeing

Enhance Workplace Well-Being.

Healthy lifestyles are threatened by the stressors in the modern world.

Mentally and physically thriving employees are essential to positively impact results. Improve workplace well-being and bring out the best in your people and business.

We’re here to help.

Trusted by Leaders and Employees.

“Working with my coach has been life changing! She has changed my perspective on work/life balance. She helped me to take better care of myself and thrive professionally!

I feel more confident and energized! My sales have gone up over 40% from last year! It has been empowering and I think EVERYONE needs a leadership development coach in their life.”

– Sales Representative, Geiger

“The wellness class and coaching has helped me become a happier, healthier, better person in so many ways! I have lowered my A1c blood sugar levels, I am off my diabetes medicine, I have lost weight, and dropped two pant sizes – all due to being mindful and making good choices!

What a positive win for my health!”

Wellness Class and Coaching Participant, Good Shepherd Food Bank

I had already hit burnout and was in desperate need of help to turn things around, the burnout recovery class was perfect timing in my life and the knowledge, tools and support helped me begin to turn things around. Very thankful this was offered at work.

Tisha explains things clearly and gives examples to make concepts easy to understand; her empathy and kindness are very encouraging.”

Faculty member, Bates College
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