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Your partner in building a cohesive, healthy, and sustainable culture that solidifies your business long-term.

With over a decade of experience helping businesses succeed, we’ve enjoyed partnering with many organizations in building more thriving, successful workplaces. 

Our Mission.

We partner to build engaging
& sustainable workplaces.

Our Vision.

We inspire people
to ignite impact.

Our Team

Tisha Bremner

CEO and Owner of Insightful Workplace Solutions, LLC

Transformational Leadership Trainer & Coach
Health and Well-Being Educator & Coach

Tisha is a transformational leadership trainer and corporate well-being coach. She and her staff work with organizations throughout the country to develop motivating leadership practices, build collaborative teams, and enhance workplace well-being.

She and her team offer educational training, individual coaching, and motivational talks. Your trusted people partner in business.

Helping organizations by:
• Assisting leaders in developing coaching skills that improve a business’s ability to attract, motivate, and retain top talent.
• Supporting managers in building cohesive teams that are crucial to effective decision-making, reaching positive outcomes, and achieving thriving cultures.
• Engaging employees to improve their stress management skills and lifestyle habits to increase performance and decrease operational costs.

Avoid the pitfalls of repeating the same mistakes and achieving sub-par results. Contact Tisha at Insightful Workplace Solutions to learn more about how she and her team can help you achieve the results you deserve.

Christa Casey
BS, C-HWC, RYT 200

Christa’s passion is working with clients from a holistic perspective. She creates a safe and connected coaching experience by helping clients nurture a deeper connection between lifestyle values and choices. She is skilled at utilizing mindfulness, authentic communication, self-awareness, and goal planning to help her clients learn and grow. By encouraging clients to examine their relationships with food, movement, sleep, and stress, she assists people in developing a better understanding of how our relationship to our choices impacts overall health. Christa affords the possibility for her clients to create and achieve transformative health goals in alignment with their individual lifestyle. 

She offers simple and effective tools to build a sustainable lifestyle, Christa guides her clients to make the best choices for themselves. Whether that goal is improving stress and energy levels, human relationships, or overall life balance. Your staff will love working with her!

Denise Gaudette
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Denise has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for over six years and has worked in the field of nutrition for over 15 years. She has experience working in various settings including clinical, outpatient and community. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Denise works with clients to help them better understand nutrition and the impact of food choices on their overall health. This comprehensive dialogue allows clients to improve their health and manage a multitude of diseases by making healthy food choices. Focusing on an individual’s needs promotes increased compliance that leads to nutritional success. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition and diets can be very limiting which is why Denise focuses on whole nutrition and incorporating healthy foods.

In her spare time, Denise enjoys running, hiking, snowboarding and spending time with her partner and two small children. 

Rachel Legendre
Rachel Legendre
BS, C-HWC, RYT 200
Certified Wellness Coach

The mission of my work is to encourage progressive lifestyle shifts in manageable and meaningful ways through the development of personalized goals and self-care practices. My teaching and coaching style is eclectic, engaging, and open. I strive to first help determine the root of one’s barriers to goal achievement and then through intentional, mindful, and gradual steps, guide clients through the process of integrating their goals into a balanced and authentic lifestyle that honors individual styles and needs with matching strategies for improved, lasting health outcomes. 

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