We bring out the best in people at work.

Your partner in building a cohesive, healthy, and sustainable culture that solidifies your business long-term.

With over a decade of experience helping businesses succeed, we’ve enjoyed partnering with many organizations in building more thriving, successful workplaces. 

Our Mission.

To improve the health and sustainability of workplace culture by inspiring people to be their best.

Our Vision.

We inspire people
to ignite impact personally and professionally.

Our Lead Consultant

Tisha Bremner

CEO and Owner of Insightful Workplace Solutions, LLC

Transformational Leadership Trainer & Coach
Health and Well-Being Educator & Coach

Tisha is an MIT trained professional development consultant and nationally board-certified coach dedicated to the advancement of essential people skills that businesses need for success and sustainability in today’s modern landscape.

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, insurance, higher education, and professional service industries, Tisha helps organizations implement and manage the training and development that improves the stewardship of people, culture, and effectiveness at all levels in a variety of organizations.

Her workshops and coaching help employees improve stress management coping skills, build collaboration capacities within teams, and develop effective communication skills to manage tough conversations that strengthen relationships. Her programs have demonstrated results in helping organizations engage, motivate, and retain top talent; while saving money on attrition, healthcare, insurance, and presenteeism costs.

Tisha is the Board Chair for the Androscoggin Chapter of the Maine Women’s Network, a Board Member of Strengthen LA’s Employer Engagement Team for Economic Development, and a member of the 100+ Women Who Care Androscoggin Organization.

She loves travel, skiing, cycling, paddling, and yoga. When she is not following her passion for learning and teaching, you will find her enjoying time with family and recreational adventures with one of the mane women’s groups she belongs to.

Offering educational training, individual coaching, and motivational talks. Your trusted people partner in business.

Helping organizations by:
• Assisting leaders in developing coaching skills that improve a business’s ability to attract, motivate, and retain top talent.
• Supporting managers in building cohesive teams that are crucial to innovation, effective decision-making, solving tough problems, and achieving desired outcomes.
• Engaging employees to improve their stress management skills and lifestyle habits to increase performance and decrease operational costs.

Avoid the pitfalls of repeating the same mistakes and achieving sub-par results. Contact Tisha at Insightful Workplace Solutions to learn more about how she and her team can help you achieve the results you deserve.

Build a thriving culture.

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