Transformational Leadership: Enhancing Workforce Well-Being

Healthy lifestyles are threatened by the stressors in the modern world. Mentally and physically thriving employees are essential to positively impact results.

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Effective employee health and well-being course

Employee health and well-being are central to sustainable work cultures and business success. 

Although the concept of transformational leadership has been around since the 1970s, it is just now becoming a hot-trending topic. Business professionals find themselves immersed in fast-emerging technologies, remote workforces, and a changing corporate landscape that calls for different ways to motivate key stakeholders to excel. Our transformational leadership coaching provides C-suite executives, department heads and frontline employees with the tools to inspire others and enhance workforce well-being.

What Is Transformational Leadership Coaching?

Executive coaching helps decision-makers achieve their full potential and motivates employees and colleagues to follow suit. A leadership course generally focuses on the best ways to foster an environment of collaboration and personal growth. By contrast, tactical leaders typically apply their expertise to issues such as strategic and future planning. While this approach may get the job done in a hierarchy, it does little in terms of engaging today’s diverse workforce. Executives who are transformational leaders empower others to move forward as one.

Who Are Transformational Leaders?

There are specific skills and characteristics associated with transformational leadership that can be acquired through education, workshops, and training programs. Companies that partner with a professional coaching leader to develop a program for key stakeholders learn how to replace giving directives with the following:

  1. Personal Consideration: One of the leadership skills executives set aside during stressful periods too often involves listening. Transformational coaching is a personal development program that helps business professionals pause and gather input from others. People feel valued, and company leaders often find their team members are also innovative thinkers.  
  2. Intellectual Stimulation: When key stakeholders are consistently brought into the problem-solving and goal-achievement loop, their minds are hard at work. Leadership development programs highlight ways to delegate achievable solutions to others.
  3. Organic Influence: The old hierarchy business model is not necessarily sent to the scrap heap in a leadership development program. Rather, the trickle-down economics of inspiration and influence replace it. As CEOs and other decision-makers utilize transformative leadership skills, the culture changes organically. That’s largely because staff members tend to adopt methods and attitudes that come from the top.

Successful industry leaders also improve upon their self-awareness and keep an open mind about workplace issues and perceived adversity. Leading with intelligent humility does wonders for the overall culture of any environment.

Empower your workforce to excel and prevent disengagement with transformational leadership coaching.

Benefits of Transformational Leadership Coaching

The value of executive coaching and well-being programs cannot be understated. Companies that invest in a coaching leadership and development program experience wide-reaching benefits they may not have anticipated. These are ways organizations get a return on their investment:

  1. Confidence Boost: Upwards of 80 percent of professionals who receive executive coaching report increased confidence.
  2. Goal Realization: Nine out of 10 people who participate in well-being and leadership development programs improve their goal-achievement skills.
  3. Health and Well-Being: Workforces at companies that provide leadership and well-being programs experience a 50-percent decline in tobacco use, a 21-percent reduction in unhealthy triglycerides, higher levels of good cholesterol, a 13 percent drop in hypertension, and 5 percent enjoy slimmer waistlines.

Transitioning away from purely transactional leadership approaches to those rooted in healthy professional relationships that promote a positive culture also improves a sense of loyalty and commitment. An inspired workforce shows up on time, ready to overcome challenges, knowing their efforts are valued. Word gets out quickly that your organization is a great place to work. And that is why transformational leaders always seem to attract talented people who stay the course.

Work with us.

Our well-being programs will inspire your staff to improve energy and wellness at work and home.

enhance workplace wellbeing

Enhanced employee well-being with our i-Five Model

Your employees will gain:
1. Insight for growth toward optimal wellness.
2. Inspiration to understand a better way of being healthy.
3. Intention to improve lifestyle habits and stress management.
4. Ignition to action in making steady, positive change.
5. Impact for improved energy, mindset, and health.

Evolve from a disengaged workforce to a healthy, energized, and confident staff.

“Your employees are the most competitive advantage you have. How are you supporting their overall well-being?”

– Tisha Bremner

Avoid the challenges of a highly stressed workforce.

Insightful Workplace Solutions offers a variety of programs designed to empower professionals by augmenting their natural leadership skills. Integrating these employee and leadership development opportunities increases energy levels and productivity while lowering stress and absenteeism. 

Are You Ready to:​

• Inspire a culture that values people and their well-being.
• Enhance the programs you offer and improve impact.
• Partner to build a thriving and sustainable culture.

Choose the Right Program:

Education: Customized Workshops, Trainings, and Retreats
Coaching: Personal Health, Wellness and Self-Care
Motivational Talks: Improving Health and Well-Being

Health Coaching for employees and management

Leadership Development Workshops and Professional Coaching

Our diverse array of transformational leadership development topics and training programs provide keen insight into ways to engage and motivate colleagues.

Motivational Talks

With a focus on building a healthy workplace culture and well-being, we offer human-centric talks that energize people.

Well-Being Education Workshops

Stress management skills such as mindfulness and resilience help professionals enjoy a greater sense of well-being and avoid burnout.

Individual Health and Wellness Coaching

We provide health risk assessments and individualized executive coaching, further empowering industry leaders.

Employee Health and Well-Being Courses

Companies that invest in their people through well-being programs support healthy habits while showing they value everyday people.

If you would like to learn more about transformational leadership coaching, workplace well-being enhancement, and other programs, contact us today, and let’s get the process started.

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“Prioritizing employee well-being is the main way an employer can help staff manage stress, improve productivity, and reduce burnout.”

– Tisha Bremner
Employee wellbeing workshops

Build a thriving culture.

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